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Exposure to the sun is an aggression on the skin, which although it leaves a very flattering golden finish, must be taken with care. Should we stop sunbathing? No, but exposure time and sunscreen are your best allies.

After a day in the sun it’s important to care for your skin so that the sun tan lasts longer while maintaining a healthier looking skin.

The first thing to do is remove all the sea / pool water and the sunscreen. This can be done through a shower with cold water, which will also help to lower the body temperature that will surely have increased a few degrees due to sun exposure. Exfoliate your skin gently and use a moisturizing soap, lactic acid based soaps or oatmeal soaps which are very gentle on the skin.

It is important to apply a moisturizer capable of recovering the water lost by sun exposure and by factors such as swimming pool, sea, wind and pollution. Aloe vera is the best so that the skin does not flake.

Applying an aftersun lotion is basic, preferably in a gel texture which contains ferulic acid, which is restorative, and more so if it’s applied after sun exposure, so the skin will recover quicker.

Remember to drink plenty of water and stay in a cool environment for the next few hours.

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