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Choosing an ideal swimwear has become a big step for many. It’s just not an aesthetic question but other factors like functionality and fit according to your body type. If we add elements such as the place, the activity or the time in which you will use it, then the decision becomes more complex.

We took on the task of helping you select the ideal swimwear, with a small but valuable list of tips to choose the right style to look your best!

The first thing you should know is that there are three basic swimwear patterns: swim brief, swim boxer and swim short or swim trunk. Each piece is designed based on style, activity and physical aspect. In order to understand each pattern, we have separated these in following manner:


  • They are fitted and made of soft, adaptable fabric, with a higher leg opening.
  • Elegant and sophisticated for those who exude self- confidence
  • Ideal for water activities with a freedom of movement. Sunbathing in this style will minimize suntan lines.
  • Recommended if you have shorter or muscular legs.


  • They are fitted and made of soft, adaptable fabric, with a lower thigh coverage.
  • Sporty and stylish, for athletic men.
  • Perfect for having a few drinks and sharing special moments with friends outside the water.
  • Ideal for men with slim thighs, the extra thigh coverage will give more coverage and volume.


  • A slim fit made with light and breathable fabric, ideal leg coverage for maximum comfort.
  • Casually flawless for discreet men, who prefer not to show too much.
  • The perfect option for social activities such as dancing, sharing drinks with friends or going to places near the beach or pool. All you need is a t-shirt to complete this casual look.
  • Perfect for thinner men or with a wider waist.

We recommend that you have at least one swimwear of the style that suits you the best or 2 different pieces to make sure all your possible social events will be covered.

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