So you discovered CODE 22 and you want to fill your wardrobe with all our products, excellent decision! But surely you have some doubts about how to choose the correct size.

We know, that choosing the perfect size is a very important element in clothing and that is why we have created this simple and very efficient guide to help you in this process.

The first thing you will need is a measuring  tape and a mirror where you can see your body.

Using the following image as a reference, measure your chest and waist circumference. Take special care to keep the tape horizontal and write down the measurements so you don’t forget it.

After you have taken your measurements, you will now be able to compare this with our measurement chart. You should know that the measurement chart is a representation of the clothes, for example a boxer size M will adapt to a waist from 80-85cm. If you measurements border on the top or bottom end of this then take into account how you like wear your garments.

If you like a tighter fit and have a waist measurement of 80cm we would then suggest size S.

If your waist measures 85 and you prefer a looser fit then we would recommend size L.

This would be the same principal for the top part when measuring the chest.

  • For tops (T-Shirt, Tanktop, Crop Top, Polo, Hoody, Jacket, Harness) you will use your chest measurement.
  • For bottoms (Underwear, Swimwear, Short, Overall, Jogger, Tights) you will use your waist measurement.

The model in the photo wears size M, he is 1.87 meters tall, weighs 89 kilos and his measurements are 98cm for the chest and 82cm for the waist.

Do you still have doubts? We are here to help you. Please write to us at