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We assume that you have heard of them, but if not, we present them to you. A xl Multipack is a set of products that are sold together in a single package, offering added convenience and value to consumers as a result. In the specific case of men's underwear, a multipack is a set of briefs, boxers or briefs that are sold together in the same package.

Our xl  men's underwear multipacks come in a format that offers you a series of advantages that make them very, very interesting to buy. The Code 22 men's underwear multipacks will be of great help because with them you will save time and money. With the Code 22 multipacks , you will avoid having to invest more time than is strictly necessary to find models of underwear that you like. With this format, instead of buying one at a time, you buy three at a time.

With the Code 22 xl  men's underwear multipacks you will save money, because the garments will be cheaper than if you bought them individually. Have no doubt that Code 22 men's underwear multipacks are a great idea if what you are looking for is an economical but reliable option. Our multipacks , like the underwear that we sell individually, offer you all the guarantees in terms of design and materials.

The briefs, boxer models and jockstraps that you will find in our multipack format combine comfort and style in equal parts, being a type of garment that is perfect for those men who value quality and good taste in their daily clothing. And it is that our men's underwear multipacks are governed by the same parameters of quality and finish as the options that you can find for sale in any of the sections of our online store individually. They are governed by the same parameters because they are exactly the same garments.

In our xl  men's underwear multipacks you will find a wide enough variety of styles and colors for you to find the option that suits your personal preferences. From classic briefs to modern skinny boxers , we've handpicked each item that goes into the multipacks to ensure you're completely satisfied.

Our underwear is made with materials that are soft to the touch and durable over time. The combination of high-quality cotton and elastic fabrics ensures a perfect fit and a pleasant feeling against the skin throughout the day. The underwear products that you will find in our catalog are designed to give you an exceptional wearing experience. In addition, our fully ergonomic designs adapt to the shape of the male body, providing support and freedom of movement.

As we said, our men's underwear multipacks offer you value for money that is hard to beat. With this type of format, you get several garments for an affordable price that are 100% Code 22. Take advantage of the opportunity that this type of format offers you to renew your underwear collection without spending a fortune. In addition, by purchasing a xl  multipack , you ensure that you have enough options for different occasions and outfits.

Code 22 underwear three by three you will ensure that you always have the best quality underwear in your closet. Whether it's for everyday use, exercise or special events, our men's underwear multipacks will provide you with a solid foundation for your day-to-day life. No matter what your style or size preference is, we are sure that you will find the model you are looking for among the options we offer you. Do not miss the opportunity that we offer you to give your underwear drawer a boost of freshness and quality.

In Code 22 you will not have any problem finding the size you are looking for. We have multipacks of men's underwear in a multitude of models that adapt to all types of profiles and styles. And it is that you do not need to be super muscular for our boxers, briefs or jockstraps to feel good on you. We manufacture garments that adapt to any type of anatomy regardless of age or constitution. Do not worry if you are not exactly the same as the model, it is just a reference that we put to show our underwear!

At Code 22 we work to make things easy for you. If for any reason you do not just see yourself with any of our brand items that you have purchased, you have 14 calendar days to change it from receipt. With Code 22, payments are always absolutely secure and for purchases over 100 euros, shipping costs are borne by us. If you have any type of doubt regarding the purchase process or any other type of question, do not hesitate to contact us. If you want more information about everything that happens in Code 22, subscribe to our newsletter , with which you will receive news related to everything that happens in Code 22.