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We like the idea of offering you a wide variety of options for your wardrobe and have shown this by adding new casual elements that definitely cannot be missing from your collection, but how to add accessories to maximize your image and give it an even more authentic touch. Here is a list of elements and how to use them:
Our baseball cap has embroidered on front, our iconic barcode on the back and ajustable strap. You can use it outdoors as a complement to your casual, sports and swimsuit attire. Not only to protect you from the sun and rain but also for those days when you don’t have time to style your hair.
This wide strap harness with a crossed back, is something totally new in our collection, adding a spicy touch to your life. The harness is an erotic and fun element that can be used in open-minded parties or outdoors, but also in privacy. This piece will help you emphasize the pectoral and shoulder muscles.
This daring accessory hugs your hips and lifts your tool, with our iconic CODE 22 logo on the straps that scream "I'm here to play!", you'll be the center of attention no matter the occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Strap it on and let the good times roll!
Our Swim Holster it's made from the finest high density foam. It has a back strap with a snap opening for any almost any belt. Adjustable leg band and our iconic CODE 22 logo on a silicone badge. What a delight it is to put it inside and know that it is comfortable and protected in a soft place where it fits perfectly.

We have designed lightweight, flexible sports socks made from high quality Drytex fiber or the finest quality cotton for your daily activities. Adding a touch of color to whatever your look is, whether it be casual, sports or even just underwear.


Ready to go! Our camo print tote bag has been made from recycled cotton/polyester. Reinforced stitching on handles with our embroidered iconic military inspired logo, height 37cm X length 49cm X 14cm width.

Ready to complement your outfit? Visit our ACCESSORIES section.

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