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Men and their penises are on the move. You are one of the calmest there and suddenly it itches, burns, pokes, pinches, pulls the hair, crazy! It's totally uncomfortable but even more is putting your hand in or trying to hide how to accommodate it without others noticing.

Here's how to deal when you're in a pinch:

Choose the size and shape well, nothing too wide or too tight, just what is necessary. He prefers the trunk, brief or whatever suits you.

Talcum powder
Bless you! Avoid sweat and with it itching, it also lowers the chances of a pinch or burning.

Drop it
Pretend to drop something on the floor and bend down to pick it up, it will make your underwear move and it might get snug.

It got lost!
Pretend you are looking for something in your pockets and move it.

If you have a bag or sweater, sit down and put it on top, quickly arrange the material and voila.

The important thing here is being discreet so that nobody notices what you are doing, it looks quite ugly to see a gentleman accommodating something under his pants.


by Édgar


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