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The original jockstrap concept had only the best of intentions; they were designed for bike messengers to keep their private parts in place.

The jockstrap is an underwear style very similar to the brief in the front part, the back side lacks fabric that covers your buttocks and instead has two elastic bands that go from the sides and join at the lowest part of the pouch.

This type of underwear is directly associated with men who practice sports with a lot of movement, since its main function is to keep your junk inside the pouch to avoid excessive rebound during sports and thus minimizing injuries.

Jockstraps can serve as everyday underwear. Its structure and fabric are a synonym of comfort, as well as being extremely light and fresh.

The jockstrap can be used to train in the gym, it offers support for your junk and the fact of leaving your butt exposed will be very comfortable when training your legs and glutes.

Here are 5 key points to wear jockstraps:

Support. Your junk will be where it should be, there is no escape. Ideal if you hate accommodating your manhood all the time or suffer from pain in the testicles from movement.

Comfort. Put them on and forget about everything. At first you may believe that you will remember that you are wearing them but no. They adapt to your body and go unnoticed long in the day.

Freshness. There is nothing worse than a sweaty rear. With the jockstrap you have all the breathing space you need. The Quick Dry ones will
keep you well ventilated all through your workout.
Cost. With less fabric comes a lower cost product, so your next pair of jockstraps will definitely be cheaper.

Sex appeal. Solid colors, striped, mesh, what do you prefer? There are a variety of options to answer what makes you feel sexy. The next time you get caught wearing one of these, you’re sure to get more than compliments and increased enthusiasm.

Full freedom is what awaits you with the jockstrap, a progress that not any other type of underwear can offer you, add a pair to your wardrobe and enjoy its benefits.