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Underwear is not just a piece of clothing that you wear, it can become a great opportunity to maximize your attractiveness, making you feel more confident and improving your sexual performance.

Many of us choose underwear simply based on the fabric, color and style so, it becomes a daily routine but these pieces represent your essence, how you project yourself towards others during the day, not to mention the night or intimate moments.

Selecting underwear that not only takes into account the elements of the previous paragraph but also how you want to feel, is the key to this article. Who would you like to be today? The conservative and dominant in boxer shorts, the classic and daring in briefs or the intrepid and adventurous in jockstrap. You can be what you want and go further if you dare.

Imagine choosing our Army Jockstrap to train in the gym, feeling attractive, daring, sexual and powerful with the camouflage print. With each repetition of squats you will remember what you are wearing, you will project self-confidence and others will feel it.

Go to work with our Power Brief, feeling all eyes on your bulge that stand out thanks to the Power Shape technology which gives you that raised and round shape between your legs. You’ll have everybody looking at where it most matters.

Get intimate wearing our Essential Boxer, a determined and trusting man that knows what he wants and how he wants it. A boxer that fits your body and lets you see it without really showing it, you’ll feel like the king of the world.

You see, underwear is more than fabric and seams, it’s your essence. The most primitive of your emotions come from there, the source of your self-confidence.

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