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Cardio exercise helps to accelerate our metabolism which in return helps us to burn calories. If we are to add a good diet to our routine our weight loss will be sustained and thus very difficult to regain those extra pounds that have been lost.

These are the various levels of intensity:

High impact cardiovascular exercise: This is done when both feet come off the floor at the same time at some point during the exercise, that is, running, dancing and jumping are some examples of exercises that we can consider as high impact.

Low-impact cardiovascular exercise: Is when at least one foot touches the floor at all times. Examples of these are; walking, working on elliptical machines and climbing machines. These types of exercises are a safer alternative for people who suffer from osteoporosis. It’s recommended to alternate training with low-impact exercises to reduce the risk of developing high-impact exercise injuries.

Cardiovascular exercise without impact: The most common are swimming and cycling, they are not beneficial for improving bone density and preventing osteoporosis, but they can be a safe alternative exercise for people recovering from an injury or with a foot problem. Non-impact cardiovascular is very beneficial for improving heart health, losing weight and reducing the risk of developing diseases.

To lose weight, the ideal is practicing a cardio routine 5 times a week, and complementing this with a balanced diet. Remember that the more consistent you are, the better results you will get in a shorter time; Just be careful not to over exercise your body more than necessary. Regularity is more important than quantity, so it’s better that you exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes, than 150 minutes in one day.

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