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The underwear you decide to wear depends not only on how you want to look and feel, but on its benefits. When choosing intimate garments we think of two basic aspects: comfort and sensuality.

The trunk is still the number one chosen item in term of options and this is because most men prefer to wear discreet things and not those that show a lot of skin; but if we talk about sensuality things get close.

The brief is branded as "old-fashioned", in addition to showing it as a garment that will generate ridicule from whoever sees you wearing it. Nothing is further from reality, any piece of underwear that is not your size or is broken, to give a few examples, will make you look disheveled and minimizing your attractiveness and putting you in an embarrassing situation. The brief is the quintessential classic piece that will never cease to be present.

If you want to go one step further the thong, bikini, string or jockstrap will take you there. These items will immediately draw attention to the user as someone bold and hot, which is perfectly acceptable.

Men must be versatile in many aspects of life and underwear is one of them. It's important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of garment to determine when they should be used; however, what you use to seduce your partner needs to be focused on how you feel with one of these pieces and this will help you transmit security beyond what you wear, you just have to know which one to use and on what occasion.

There is no doubt that as men we want to feel comfort when we dress scantily but we also want to exploit the morbidity produced by exhibiting our masculine bodies formed by hours of sweat with a pair of dumbbells welded to our hands. Remember that the security you demonstrate starts from your underwear and is transmitted to the outside.

By Édgar

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