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This masculine style code includes the most basic things a man should know and apply to his personal appearance.

The man must always show simplicity and little attention to style, this does not mean that he literally does it; But it’s what he should look like: looking good without much preparation.

– The cologne or perfume must be present in every man who wants to be remembered. It is proven that people recognize you if you wear a scent at all times. The ideal is to have 2 scents, one for daily use and the other for more formal situations, the first of them should be of a soft tone while the second should be imposing and masculine at its maximum power.

– The use of accessories on men should be for reasons of practicality and not aesthetics. From a cap to cover yourself from the sun, just to cover yourself from the sun; even jewelry that is often unnecessary and in bad taste, we see in men.

An accessory that should not be missing is a good watch. The ideal is to have 3 for different occasions such as training, daily and formal. Make sure that the training one is mostly plastic due to its interaction with your sweat, the daily one may have a leather strap and the formal one with a metallic finish.

Use sunglasses only when necessary, when entering covered places and with not intense light you should take them off. Never put them on your forehead or head, it is preferable that you have them in your hand or keep them in your pocket.

Jewelry should be limited to the use of a ring be it grade, engagement or marriage.

– Makeup on men is relegated to those moments when you must be in front of the cameras to hide imperfections and minimize the oily shine of the skin. Also on special occasions such as an important party, remember that this is very difficult to disguise because generally men do not use makeup, even the most subtle of bases will be noticeable.

By Édgar

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