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We have seen so many battles in the fashion world but none like the eternal rivalry between those who wear briefs or boxers.

Which one looks better or is more practical? Which one offers better benefits? Which one will you look better with? Check out these facts and choose wisely.

The brief
-Offers great support by adapting to the male attributes, prevents it from uncomfortable moving.
-Its structure helps to visually lengthen the legs and stylize your figure.
-Its compact design will give more freedom of leg movement by leaving a greater amount of skin exposed and of course that means less sweat.
-Best for sports that require high impact on the hips and thigh area.
-Ideal for jobs that require sitting, since it does not add pressure to the circulation of the legs.
-And, of course, excellent for show off your attributes.

The boxer
-Less irritation in the crotch area if you are thick-legged, as the rubbing is done with the fabric.
-It offers the support of the brief but covering more skin.
-They don’t wrap around your thighs unlike loose boxers.
-Keeps your package in position, avoiding possible movement injuries.
-A very good option for cold environments.
-Up your buttocks and package, which results in the maximization of your attributes.
-Perfect for sports that require constant leg movement, minimizes chafing between it.
-Helps to hide a little overweight in legs and lower abdomen.
-Highly recommended for jobs with longer standing time.

Which team do you belong to… Brief or Boxer? It’s better to be part of the Smart Team! Increase your underwear collection with pieces of each silhouette, so you can cover all requirements according to your activities.

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