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Underwear is what first comes into contact with your body every morning, so it’s very important to know the type of material you are using on your skin and most of all on your junk.

Choosing your underwear just because you like what you see is a good start if your skin resists everything, but some men need to go further in their knowledge about the fabrics they are using.

Find out what CODE 22 underwear is made of and the characteristics that can help you select the one that suits your requirements:

Sports Mesh
Lets the air move easily through the holes, if you live in a hot climate.
High breathability, if you’re a sweater.
Soft and fresh for a higher enjoyment.
Extra support you were it is most needed.
Reduces marks when wearing slim fitting pants.
Support those explosive movements while training.
Will let you sleep like a king.

Polyester Quick Dry
Ideal for gym and all sports.
Physical activities that require high impact.
If your a sweater this fabric has a high moisture wicking, so it dries
in half the time other underwears do.
If you vary a lot in weight, it does not lose its original shape.
Perfect for a soft but firm support.

Perfect for hot climates as it does not retain heat.
Firm support where it counts.
If you are well endowed this fabric will adapt perfectly to your proportions.
Since it’s made from naturals fibers it’s ideal for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin or cause allergies.
The best wear for your daily activities.

Have you already chosen the best for you? Visit our underwear section HERE.

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